It wasn’t too long summer days were spent having fun with friends in an active way but now people just want to spend their days playing a fantasy game with friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers. Fantasy sports isn’t just a game, it’s a multi-billion dollar project. The question many have with fantasy sports is why is it so popular and how this changed our daily lives. The time people spend on fantasy sports is astounding. The average fantasy football gamer spends around 3 hours per week managing a team which, for 23 million total players, translates to 1.2 billion hours combined in one NFL season (Goff). And that’s just football which by the way doesn’t even include the amount of homework people do on players’ stats, the drafting process, and anything else that someone can do to become a better fantasy player. So once again why is fantasy sports so popular, the simply answer is it’s a fun chance to play a competitive game with friends & family and earn bragging rights (and maybe a little money). The majority of sports fans have probably wanted a chance to run their own team and make their team better. I’m sure lots of Vikings fans wish they had Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback so this game gives them this chance. While you can do that in a video game it’s not as fun because it’s not real; in fantasy sports the leagues/teams might be fake but what the player actually does is real which makes it more entertaining. It wasn’t too long ago people spent free time doing normal things like go to the park or go to the movies with friends, spent time with your family, but now most of American spend some of their free time playing a fantasy game which has now become the norm. There is no denying it; fantasy sports are a booming business and that it will only continue to grow.


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