Freelance Assignment #5- Indiana Pacers

It was Sunday, February 16; the Indiana Pacers had a record of 40-12 which leads the NBA and it seemed like they were unstoppable and were destined to face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. But every changed on February 21, that’s the day the Pacers traded their former franchise player Danny Granger to Philadelphia for Evan Turner. Many wondered why make such a dramatic trade when they were playing so great, especially when Granger was the heart and soul of the team. They needed his leadership but President Larry Bird traded that away for a talented player in Turner. Since that trade, the Pacers lost 13/28 games and just barely finished ahead of Miami for the Eastern Conference 1st seed but had the 4th best record overall so if they are to face either SAS/OKC/LAC in the NBA Finals, they would not have home court advantage. While the Granger trade was terrible, it probably wasn’t the worse decision Bird made that year. A couple weeks before the Granger trade, Bird signed Andrew Bynum, who is known for being a terrible teammate and dragging players down. Their struggles continued in the playoffs when they went 4-4 in their 1st 8 playoff games which is terrible for a team contending for an NBA Championship. However on May 7, the Pacers released Andrew Bynum & since then the Pacers have gone 3-0 and are 1 win away from moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals.


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