Research Proposal

Many will agree that sports are the greatest spectacle in the world mainly because it’s not scripted & you can never know what will happen. And as great as the sports games are, there’s a whole new side of sports that has swept the world called fantasy sports. The concept of fantasy sports is to pick your favorite players at that particular sport and compete in a competition with friends, family, co-workers, etc. This research project will examine the new ways we connect with other people through the internet and how we can make lots of money and lose a lot of money by just setting lineups & just sitting, watching, hoping our fantasy players perform to the highest level they can. This research paper will explain how much fantasy sports have changed the team sports & the burden this puts on sports athletes. I’ll inform all the information on fantasy sports, why it’s so popular, how much money somebody can make off it, how much money they can lose because of it, and much more.


Exactly why is fantasy sports so popular and what does this have to do with the game itself? The notion of fantasy sports has turned into more than just a game to play; it’s turned sports into a multi-billion dollar project. It’s changed lives and its destroyed lives. People have made thousands of dollars off fantasy football and have lost thousands of dollars because of it. Which puts tons of more pressure on the players because it’s not just simply playing to win for the fans anymore, thousands of dollars can be on the line in that one game. A missed call, a dropped catch, a bad throw and someone can lose over 10,000 in one day.


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