The Speaker

Part I: Kanye West talks about his approach to music and how he feels he’s always been great at what he’s done. He talks about him as a kid being the best basketball player in his school but still not making the 8th grade team because the coaches didn’t respect his game same how some critics now don’t respect his music. Kanye West is a very self- confident person and doesn’t seem to care whether people criticize his music or not and sees himself as a quote on quote “The Michael Jordan of Music”.   He’s a strange individual to say the least; he uses his emotions as inspiration for his music and feels like every song he writes and records is the greatest song of all time.

Part II: Song: Stronger- Kanye West

Speaker: Kanye West. He’s a hip-hop mogul and has won tons of music awards and is considered one of the greatest rappers/singers.

Audience- People who know of Kanye West and have listened to past of his music; especially those who are big fans of hip-hop as I am.

Media- I was exposed to this artist through TV, when I was a kid I would listen to BET and listen to the music songs there and that’s where I became a fan of Kanye West. After listening to his other songs, I stumbled on this and instantly loved the song.

Content: The song is about being stronger about everything. Whatever doesn’t kill only makes you stronger. There’s really no greater meaning, the big meaning of song is obvious.

Occasion: No real event happened for this song to be written, it’s just a life lesson in general. I just like listening to the song because I like the beat and I’m a fan of the artist.

Purpose: The intent of the song was to give a life lesson through a song. No matter what tough things you’ve been through, if you survived it’s only going to make you stronger.


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