The Playlist

  1. “Can’t Hold Us” – Macklemore – 2012 – hip-hop
  2. “Stronger” – Kanye West- 2007- hip- hop
  3. “Ball so Hard” – Kanye West/Jay z – 2011- hip-hop
  4. “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons – 2013- rock
  5. “Empire State of Mind” – Jay-z- 2009- Hip-hop
  6. “Run This Town” – Jay z- 2009- hip-hop
  7. “ I Can Transform Ya” – Chris Brown- 2009- Synthpop
  8. “No Ceilings”- Lil Wayne- 2009- Rap/ R&B
  9. “Lollipop remix” – Lil Wayne  – 2008- R&B
  10. “Power” – Kanye West- 2010- Hip-Hop

The types of songs I listen to are mostly hip-hop. Six of the ten songs are hip-hop. I don’t listen to a lot of music, not really a music person but when I am listening to music it’s usually hip-hop or Rap/R&B. Two of my favorite singers/rappers to listen to are Kanye West and Jay-Z. Kanye West is someone whose music I listen to whenever I do listen to music. Stronger, Ball So Hard, and Power all are on my top 10 favorite music which most has to do with the fact that I’m a fan of Kanye’s music. He and Jay-Z are my two favorite rappers/singers. Five of the Ten songs have either Kanye West or Jay-z or both as the lead singer(s). Now Lil Wayne is also somebody’s music I listen to. Three of my top ten songs have him in it including “Lollipop”, “No Ceilings”, and “I Can Transform ya”. My taste in music hasn’t really evolved at all, whenever I listen to music, there’s where the rappers/singers I listened too and still do. Now the other two are a little bit off topic, “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. I’m not exactly sure what I like their music, I guess I just like the beat of the music & these two are on my favorite songs to listen too.


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