Freelance Assignment #4- Northwestern Unionization

In the 108 year history of the NCAA, college athletes earned a total of $0.00 for their achievements in collegiate athletics. That’s because the NCAA has a rule against paying college players, a rule that has stood for more than a hundred years. Not only can’t student-athletes make any money, they can’t sell their likeness, get healthy care by the NCAA, sign a contract with any other business such as Nike, Adidas, Gatorade, etc., student-athletes can’t really do anything except earn a free college and even then they would need a scholarship for that. However all that can change very soon as the National Labor Relations Board in Washington D.C have Northwestern University the right to players to vote whether they want to union or not and if players vote yes then that gives them the right to negotiate a CBA. Now the players of northwestern have to vote on Friday, April 25, 2014 whether they want to union or not and it’s a tough decision for them because all of their higher powers (coaches, school president, etc.) are demanding they vote no to the union because paying for health care for the student-athletes would mean less money for the coaches and university president. It’s strange how the entire NCAA and all the university are hoping the students don’t get the health care they want when all of presidents and coaches are making over 5 million dollars per year yet they don’t want their players who are doing all the work getting simply health care.


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