Facebook Discussion Prep

1) I disagree, I don’t believe your profile picture matters in Facebook because your profile picture can be very misleading. You won’t really know until you read through some of the person’s posts.

2) My current profile picture is a picture of me in 5th grade. The message I send is I’m still have that inner child in me.

3) I really don’t put much thought into my posts. Personally I just post whatever I want. If I see a great play in the NBA I might post how sick that dunk was or maybe how excited I am for an upcoming event. I don’t really sit back and think about the post, I just post whatever I want.

4) My friend, potential date, potential employer, relative would most certainly approve of my profile picture and won’t mind it at all. All it is, is a picture of my as a 10 year old, nothing wrong with that.

5) It really depends on what the picture is. If it’s a picture of a person’s favorite sports team or favorite food or something like that then I have no problem with it, they’re expressing themselves. But if they’re using someone else profile picture and impersonating them then I’d have a huge problem with that. That would be extremely inappropriate because you’re fooling everyone that you’re someone that you are not.

6) Absolutely and I think that’s because people post things that’s completely unnecessary. I just believe it’s too much to post things that are too personal. You don’t really need to post every last thing about you, we don’t really care.

7)  Social Networking can be dangerous because somebody can hack into your friends’ account or family member’s account and they impersonate that friend or family member which can really deceive you. In real life interactions, you know who you’re talking to and can’t be tricked into thinking it’s somebody else.


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