Generation Like

I really don’t mind that companies are using me to marketing their product or movie or whatever. For one it’s not costing me any money to promote the product/movie and I’m not really a big Re-tweeter or talk about movies and products on my Twitter or Facebook. Only time  I really market for a company is when I like the product or movie on Facebook and even then it’s not like my friends see how I like it then they’re all the sudden go buy that product, I just don’t think it works that way. Whenever I see a product or movie on Twitter or Facebook and I see that one of my friends liked it on Facebook or Re-tweeted it on Twitter, that doesn’t make me any more likely to buy that product or watch that movie than if I were to see trailer of the movie or see a commercial of the product on TV. If companies want to use me to market their product that’s fine by me but I don’t really use Twitter or Facebook to like or retweet products or movies.


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