Viral Marketing

YouTube’s top 10 Most-Shared Ads in January:

With Super Bowl coming, some company brands decided to release their super bowl commercial early while some waited until the game. The problem with waited until the game is if the super bowl game turns out to be a blowout (which it ended up being) then millions of viewers will turn off the game because it’s not worth watching and will miss out on seeing that commercial. However leaking out the commercial also has its disadvantages; leaking out the commercial early will out expose it to a larger audience and if the commercial isn’t good then that commercial and your company will get a bad rep and once again if the game gets out of hand, the game in total won’t be worth watching. The article talks about the top most shared super bowl ads in January and February that were leaked out before and ones that made it to  the top of YouTube’s watched list.  The commercials had everything you want from funny Doritos commercials to sad Budweiser commercial. All the commercials had over 100 million views and benefited the companies greatly.


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