The Success of Youtubers

1: Who is using YouTube? How much stuff is on YouTube? How big is YouTube?

A) More than a billion unique users visit YouTube every month.

B) 100 Hours of YouTube video are uploading every single minute. It would be impossible to watch everything on YouTube.

C) YouTube is localized in 61 countries and in 61 different languages.

D) YouTube users (in the U.S and around ages 18-34) reach more people than any cable network. Millions of Users There are five million music videos with the word “love” in the title.

2:  What kind of videos are on YouTube? How many clear genres are there on YouTube? Which genres seem to be the most popular?

A) Music, Gaming, Sports, PewDiePie, Movies, Smosh, HolaSouGerman, Jenna Marbles, Education, TV Shows, Pop Music, etc.

B) There’s hundreds of different genres on YouTube that scale from Music Videos, to education things to even religion videos. YouTube is filled with everything.

C) The three most popular genres on YouTube right now is Music, Gaming, and Sports. Which seems understandable, when I watch YouTube the two things I watch/listen to the most is Music or Sports. I think almost everyone who’s on YouTube has at least looked at one of those three genres.

3: What are the qualities/characteristics that those videos in the 1,000,000+ club have in common? What is the draw to these mega-viewed videos? What does it take to be a sensation? What are people saying about them (in the comments)?

A) What they have in common is they are either music videos or gaming stuff.

B) The draw to these mega-viewed videos is people in America are obsessed with music and gaming, especially free music and gaming. That’s what makes YouTube so special, it’s free. No reason to buy music from someplace else when you can listen to the music for free on YouTube or watch gaming stuff on YouTube for free so you can see how you win a certain game or something like that.

C) It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to be a YouTube sensation. A lot of the YouTube celebrities I read about had published hundreds of videos on YouTube before they made it big. Many even had to post 5-10 videos per day. But by uploading videos that are funny and keep the videos coming, you will get noticed soon enough.

D) In the comments people love the videos. Obviously or why else would they be on the YouTube channel and watch the videos if they didn’t like it. YouTube watchers probably are asking for more videos.


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