Freelance Assignment #2- NBA Playoffs

Let the countdown begin; only 44 days left until the NBA playoffs begin. In this article, I’ll give my prediction on the NBA Finals prediction & winner. Now remember in the playoffs, the series will be a best of 7 with the higher seed getting 4 home games & the lower seed getting 3 home games.

So let’s begin with the teams that’ll make the playoffs in the east. The Pacers, Heat, Raptors & Bulls seem like a lock to make the playoffs. Last 4 spots in the East, in my opinion, will belong to the nets, wizards, hawks, and bobcats. Now in the west the thunder, spurs, rockets, clippers, warriors, & blazers are locks in the playoffs & the final two spots will probably end up going to the mavericks & suns.

My eastern conference prediction is the Heat vs the Pacers. No other teams in the east compare to these two. However I think the Pacers with the new additions of Evan Turner & Andrew Bynum will propel them to upset the 2 time champs Heat in 7 games.

My west prediction will be the thunder vs spurs. These two have been the 2 best teams in the west for over 3 months. No shock they’ll end up facing each other in the west finals. However, I got the Spurs winning in 6 games & moving on the finals.

Finally my NBA Finals prediction will of course be the Spurs vs Pacers; which I have the spurs beating the pacers in 6 games.


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