Freelance Assignment- Mike Trout’s Contract Extension

He’s only 22 years old, has played a total of 336 Major League Baseball games over 2 ¼ seasons, and doesn’t even have 100 career home runs yet but Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim superstar Mike Trout is on his way to getting a record breaking contract extension. Trout is about the same age as a junior in college but will soon make more money in a single MLB game than any of us will make in entire year. The 22 year old Center-fielder for the Angels has posted a .314/.404/.544 career stat line so far but is rumored to get a contract between 150-170 million dollars over 6-7 years. Despite only playing 2 full seasons, Trout has made 2 all-star appearances (1 start), 2 Silver Slugger, Stolen Base Title in 2012, and has finished 2nd in MVP voted both times. It’s amazing to think a guy who didn’t even make his team’s roster on opening day of 2012 is set to get 160 million not even 2 years later. That just shows you how much money baseball players are making now days. Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has been making 27.5 million per year since 2007 (signed a 10 year, 275 million dollars contract with the Yankees in November of 2007, the biggest contract in sports history) and is still make 27.5 million until 2017 (not including this year since he’s been suspended by MLB) and he’s nearly 40 years old. And that’s not even the craziest part, if Trout were to decline the 150-170 million dollars contract extension and decide to play out his rookie contract until fall of 2017, experts of and ESPN predict he could get a contract somewhere along the lines of 300-450 million dollars over 10 years.  Mike Trout is considered to be by most MLB experts as the best player in baseball at only 22 years old and finished 2nd in MVP voting in 2012 and 2013 in a highly debated and controversially MVP race between Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. Cabrera eventually ended up winning both times but many argued Trout was much better than Cabrera and that Cabrera only excelled at one thing, hitting, while Trout was great at every aspect of the game. It was an interesting debate to say the least, most of the voters who voted for Cabrera ended up saying that Trout was the better player and deserved the MVP but because Trout’s team did not make the playoffs and Cabrera’s team did, they voted for Cabrera instead of Trout. However Trout is really young and is definitely expected to win multiple MVPs before his career is up. One thing Cabrera will not beat Trout in is contract value; whether Trout decides take this 150-160 million dollar contract extension or become a free agent in 2017 then sign a 300+ million dollar contract, one thing is for sure, Mike Trout is going to get paid a lot of money.


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