Nokia Challenge

  1. Yes, I succeeded the challenge.
  2. There were definitely moments where I wanted to use media. I just put my phone away for that day so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it that day.
  3. The most difficult time of the day without my phone was probably in between classes where I usually text my phones.
  4. The most thing I missed about my phone and its capabilities where being able to surfer the web and go to Facebook and Twitter.  Besides texting and checking the time, the most things I use my phone for is checking Facebook and Twitter.
  5. What I learned about my media consumption is that I am very depending on my phone. I always use to think that I could go a couple days without it and not even notice but that’s clearly not the case. I use my phone a lot more than I originally thought.
  6. You issued this challenge possibility to show us what it was like when you were our age. How you used media back then and for us to get a feel for what it is like to just use for phone to call (and play snake) and nothing else; no games (besides snake), no Facebook, no Twitter, no nothing.

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