Media Log 2

1. My day in terms of media exposure is what the normal person is exposed to on an everyday basis. I wake up to the same radio station, KROC, at around 6:10-6:20. I like to watch TV when I’m getting ready for school. I like to watch ESPN SportsCenter to see what happened around the NBA and college Basketball. I get to school by bus and once I get to school, I go on the internet to Twitter, Facebook, and Then I go to 1st hour with Mr. Parker and use wordpress. I’m not exposed too much media besides the times I go on Twitter/Facebook during passing time on my tablet. During lunch between 10:30-11:20, after I eat and go on the internet. At 3:30 I get home and after doing some homework and checking Twitter, I watch ESPN and MLB Network on TV. Then watch some Dexter on Netflix followed by watch TV, NBA Basketball on TNT. After that I watch check Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress, then I go to sleep.

2. I don’t usually play attention to any commercials on TV or ads on YouTube, or really any type of advertisement; I’m just never big on that. The most frequent media I’m exposed to is commercials on TV. I watch TV about 5 hours a night, more than I use Facebook, Twitter, Billboards, etc.

3. Like I said earlier, I don’t really pay attention to commercials; I’ve never really liked commercials. I guess during the afternoon after school is when I’m exposed to the most media.

4. I can multitask as long as it’s not too difficult. I know how to watch TV and focus on my homework at the same time but I don’t think I can do homework, do housework, and clean the house, etc. at the same time.

5. The balance in media in which I’m the speaker versus when I’m the audience is very different. When I’m the speaker, I focus on what I’m presented while when I’m the audience, I barely focus on what I’m trying to be exposed to.


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