Occasion/Speaker- Super Bowl

1.Super Bowl related Headlines:

a)ESPN- Seahawks soar in SB XLVIII rout
b)ESPN- Seattle’s Smith MVP of Super Bowl
c)ESPN- Sherman suffer high ankle sprain in victory
d)ESPN- Seahawks crow after cruising in Super Bowl
e)ESPN- D for Domination
f)ESPN- Old- School Win
g)ESPN- Peyton’s Legacy
h)ESPN- Bad to Worse
i)LA Times- Philip Seymour Hoffman dies at 46; overdose likely
j)LA Times- Another Miramonte child abuse case emerges from the shadows
k)Fox News- Obama tells O’Reilly ‘not a smidgen of corruption’ behind IRS targeting.

2.Non-Game Articles
A)Peyton’s Legacy:
The hype leading up to the Super Bowl was how this game would impact the legacy on Peyton Manning. Manning, who already won a super bowl in 2007, is always heavily criticized throughout his career for not winning more than 1 Super Bowl. He’s seen as the best regular season Quarterback but never could win in the playoffs. After Sunday’s lost, he has lost 12 playoff games which is the most in NFL history for a starting quarterback. Many thought that if Peyton won this game, he’d be the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game. It’s amazing to think one game can have that much of an impact in one man’s legacy but you have to think losing this game the way they did won’t help him the greatest ever conversation. This was one of the most embarrassing losses in super bowl history considering the hype leading up to the game and the fact it was the #1 offense, not only this year but in NFL history, facing the #1 defense.
B)D for Domination
Peyton Manning and his #1 ranked offense were no match for the #1 defense in the league, the Seattle Seahawks. In this modern day NFL, it was a question whether the old saying, defense wins championships, still exists. With a concussion a big problem in the NFL, the commissioner Roger Goodell made it a mission to help the offense player as best he can so concussion can lesson. But there was no question this Seattle, even with all their new rules, can still dominate. They held the number 1 scoring offense in NFL history to only 8 points. With all the defense players being in their middle to late 20s, this Seattle defense should continue to dominate the next couple years and maybe win a couple more super bowls.

3.ESPN’s attitude towards the Super Bowl
A)Once again ESPN had one of the biggest Super Bowl coverage. From the moment the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship and it was known Seattle and Denver would face off in the Super Bowl; ESPN could not stop talking about it. From talking about Seattle’s shutdown defense to Denver’s high powered offense, ESPN had it all. They had over 50 analyst talk about it in many different shows obviously starting with SportsCenter. SC had analyst from Tedy Bruschi to Herm Edwards; they have at least 25 different analysts talking about the super bowl. Then going to other shows on ESPN like First Take, PTI, Around the Horn, NFL Live, NFL Primetime, and many more. They constantly wanted to talk Super Bowl in fact the only time they didn’t talk super bowl was when there was a couple segments on SportsCenter about an NBA game or on Saturday when all was on ESPN and ESPN2 was College Basketball games and one NBA game. Clearly they want to know everything about the super bowl including how the weather would play a factor, whether defenses can still be great in this NFL era, etc.


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