21st Century- 3rd Source

3 Source: Super Bowl Results.
Speaker- The speaker is a writer for the Associated Press who ESPN used for its own article.

Audience- NFL fans and everyone else who watched the Super Bowl for whatever reason. Whether it be for the commercials or the game itself.

Content- The idea is to inform America and their sports fans that the number 1 sport in the world just had it’s championship game, Super Bowl, which is also the most watched show every year. This was the number one watched show/game in American TV history; it’s something a lot of people care about.

Occasion- The super bowl happened to have this story written. Every year the super bowl becomes the most watched show/game in TV history. About 34% of people in America watch the show every year.

Media- He posted this online to the Associated Press but also on the ESPN website so fans can read it. It’s good for both media members.

Purpose- The reason this was written was the inform all of sports fans that the Seattle Seahawks just beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48. This was the first NFL Super Bowl championship for the Seattle Seahawks and the first major sports championship in Seattle since the SuperSonics back in 1979.


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