21st Century- 1st Source

1 Source- Andrew Bynum to the Pacers
Speaker- Brian Windhorst, ESPN.com writer for the NBA. Windhorst has been a sports writer for 20 years but began working with ESPN since 2010. He’s covered the NBA with either ESPN or Associated Press for 16 years.

Audience- Sports fans and more specifally NBA fans.

Content- The main purpose is to inform all NBA fans that one of the best teams in the NBA, the Indiana Pacers, have just signed one of the best centers in basketball when healthy Andrew Bynum to a contract for the rest of the season.

Occasion- What happened is the Pacers signed Andrew Bynum which stirred up a lot of conversation. Indiana was already a great team without Bynum with All-stars Paul George and Roy Hibbert already on the team. Adding Bynum to help come off the bench will surely make the Indiana Pacers the favorites to win the NBA Championship. By signing Bynum, Pacers caused a lot of stir in the media world.

Media- He posted online on ESPN.com and put a link to the website on his twitter site.

Purpose- The reason this was written was to announce that one of the best players, when healthy which he hasnt been as of late, is joining one of the best teams in basketball. Indiana Pacers lost to rival Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals falling just one game short of reaching the NBA Finals. Adding Andrew Bynum should definitely make them the favorite to win it all. It let fans of Miami Heat know that their rivals just got a whole lot better and defending their championship will be much harder.


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