M̷i̷r̷a̷c̷l̷e̷ Agony in Minny

I’ve been a Minnesota Vikings fan for years and watching them over the past 21 years of my life I’ve seen some of the best games (I.E 2009 Week 3 vs SF) and I’ve seen some of the most heartbreaking losses (January 2010 NFC Championship vs NO). But man January 10, 2016 seems to take the cake, at least in my lifetime. Number 3 seed Minnesota Vikings versus the two time defending NFC Champions Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card Game. After not going to any Vikings game since the 2012 Week 17 vs Green Bay Packers (mostly due to constant working), I decided it was time to make the old trip back to watch my beloved Vikings disappoint me one more time. Frankly, I had a good idea we weren’t going to win the game I mean come on they were facing the Seahawks. A team that was one yard away from being back to back world champions, they were red hot coming in with QB Russell Wilson destroying everything and everyone in his path, and frankly the Vikings offense was as effective as Antonio Cromartie’s condoms.

However the one thing that was going in our favor was the weather:  negative 20 degrees. That’s the reported wind chill for the game but honestly if you were at the game, you would’ve thought it was -80. My feet were so frozen that I had to hop up and down just to try to keep myself warm as if the little exercise would keep my body warm (it didn’t).

Anyways, the weather worked in our favor. For the most part, the Seattle offense was nonexistent. For three quarters we held our own versus the Seahawks. 9-0 lead as we entered the final quarter but call me crazy but I knew we were going to lose, I just knew it. Memories of that Favre/Peterson exchange going bad and leading to a fumble inside the 5 against New Orleans Saints in the 09/10 Championship game just flew back. The memory of crying myself to sleep as I replayed Garrett Hartley making a 40 year field goal to seal the deal for us flew right back. I didn’t know how but we were going to lose. It’s like knowing you’re to get punched but the agony of watching and waiting for it to happen is the worst part.

After what seemed like 20 secs, we went from up 9-0 to down 10-9. Although already seeing this story again, it didn’t make it any less painful. I had to sit (freezing my butt off) and watch as we found another way to lose an important playoff game. But just like that, we drove the ball down the field to around “field goal range” and I thought to myself “oh shit we might actually win this game, we might actually FUCKING win this game”.  I let myself believe again, my bad.

And in came Blair Walsh, a man who I barely even knew was on the team (sorry but I don’t pay attention to special teams as much as I should) to come fulfill my dream and send us to Arizona to face the #2 seed Cardinals.




-Beyonce: “To the Left…To the left…To the Left


Funny thing is I (just like 15 other people in my section) thought the kick was good. I laughed hysterically, screamed, jumped up and down (and not just for warmth) and thought “WOW WE ACTUALLY DID IT. HOLY SHIT”. It wasn’t until I looked on the field and saw Seattle players celebrate did I realize “OH NO”!!!! I yelled things that I probably shouldn’t ever repeat, I called Blair Walsh things I wish I could take back and as I walked back to the train to get myself home I had one thing and one thing only in my mind.

“Ha! At least we beat the spread”.





Sports Shit Begins

Hi there. Boy, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here but to be fair that’s because this was originally created just for a class and I didn’t really think to keep writing in it since the class ending. But I now I have decided to dedicate my time to writing here (hopefully everyday) and become the writer I’ve always wanted to be. Sports have been a huge part of my life whether it was just simply watching basketball/football as a kid to now closely examining every aspect of the game and nothing I like examining more than baseball which is a sport I’ve fell in love with late in my high school life. As I college student I want to share my knowledge with everyone who wants to see. Hopefully as time goes on my knowledge can grow and so can my writing. Certainly no one is going care what a 21 year old college kid from Minneapolis will think but I like to think this is a stepping stone to what I want to do in my life. Thanks again to anyone who wants to read this and hope to listen to what you guys have to say.

PS: Not sorry for all the grammar errors! ;)

Mahdi Ali


It wasn’t too long summer days were spent having fun with friends in an active way but now people just want to spend their days playing a fantasy game with friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers. Fantasy sports isn’t just a game, it’s a multi-billion dollar project. The question many have with fantasy sports is why is it so popular and how this changed our daily lives. The time people spend on fantasy sports is astounding. The average fantasy football gamer spends around 3 hours per week managing a team which, for 23 million total players, translates to 1.2 billion hours combined in one NFL season (Goff). And that’s just football which by the way doesn’t even include the amount of homework people do on players’ stats, the drafting process, and anything else that someone can do to become a better fantasy player. So once again why is fantasy sports so popular, the simply answer is it’s a fun chance to play a competitive game with friends & family and earn bragging rights (and maybe a little money). The majority of sports fans have probably wanted a chance to run their own team and make their team better. I’m sure lots of Vikings fans wish they had Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback so this game gives them this chance. While you can do that in a video game it’s not as fun because it’s not real; in fantasy sports the leagues/teams might be fake but what the player actually does is real which makes it more entertaining. It wasn’t too long ago people spent free time doing normal things like go to the park or go to the movies with friends, spent time with your family, but now most of American spend some of their free time playing a fantasy game which has now become the norm. There is no denying it; fantasy sports are a booming business and that it will only continue to grow.

Freelance Assignment #5- Indiana Pacers

It was Sunday, February 16; the Indiana Pacers had a record of 40-12 which leads the NBA and it seemed like they were unstoppable and were destined to face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. But every changed on February 21, that’s the day the Pacers traded their former franchise player Danny Granger to Philadelphia for Evan Turner. Many wondered why make such a dramatic trade when they were playing so great, especially when Granger was the heart and soul of the team. They needed his leadership but President Larry Bird traded that away for a talented player in Turner. Since that trade, the Pacers lost 13/28 games and just barely finished ahead of Miami for the Eastern Conference 1st seed but had the 4th best record overall so if they are to face either SAS/OKC/LAC in the NBA Finals, they would not have home court advantage. While the Granger trade was terrible, it probably wasn’t the worse decision Bird made that year. A couple weeks before the Granger trade, Bird signed Andrew Bynum, who is known for being a terrible teammate and dragging players down. Their struggles continued in the playoffs when they went 4-4 in their 1st 8 playoff games which is terrible for a team contending for an NBA Championship. However on May 7, the Pacers released Andrew Bynum & since then the Pacers have gone 3-0 and are 1 win away from moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Video Commentary Part 1

Keep Ya Head Up: Tupac

1)      The song is a message to women to stop taking abuse from men and talks about how they deserve better.

2)      His attitude is strong and confidence. He wants this message to get out to the world.

3)      The video is about people surrounding him while he sings the song.

4)      I like the message the song tells people. He takes in great detail how women deserve better.

Personal Connections

Stronger by Kanye West:

1) When I failed the MCA back in Middle School. I didn’t let it bug me, I just learned from it & got stronger.

2) Anytime I fail at something I just find it to help me in the future because what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.

3) I only listen to this music when I’m going through a tough time and I need some motivation.

4) Well, the “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” definitely defines how I am. If I’m still alive, I can learn from my mistakes.  The “work it harder, make it better” line is how I feel when I need to bounce back from something. You can always be better at something, you just got to work harder & make it better.

Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore:

1) Whenever I got a big project do or I think I can’t finish something, it’s just too much. I remember that I can do it and this song reminds me of that.

2) Nothing can stop me once I put my mind to something and I know that nothing can hold me back.

3) I like listening to this when I’m doing homework.

4) “Tonight is the night, we’ll fight ’til it’s over”- When they’re something important to do, I’ll continue to fight at it until I complete it.                                                                                                      “Now, can I kick it? Thank you. Yeah I’m so damn grateful”- After the task it complete, I’m so grateful it’s complete and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.